Making Room for Money to Flow: DECLUTTER ACTIVITY

Feb 26, 2024

Can we talk about the whirlwind that life has been lately? Seriously, everything feels like a mess in my headspace, with schedules, the works. February is slipping away.. Is it just me, or did time hit fast-forward?

Last week, I found myself immersed in the pediatric ward, attending to my daughter, who was very sick. Survival mode kicked in, total disassociation, zero focus on anything other than her. My life and business kept moving forward even while I couldn’t be part of the everyday, and now I'm left with this overwhelming sense of catching up.

But amidst this chaos, a revelation smacked me in the face. Stepping away allowed me to witness something incredible. Despite the post-holiday slump, financial shorts, and the pile of new responsibilities, the magic was still happening.

Money flowed in, and events were successful all without me physically being there.

The lesson? When we leave room for the universe, abundance flows in. It's proof that we need to stop being our own stumbling blocks.

So, what's on the agenda for today? Decluttering.

We're creating space—physically and energetically—for the good stuff: money, love, clients, you name it. It's not as overwhelming as it sounds.

It's simple, sweet, and transformative.

Today's mission revolves around decluttering, focusing on those notorious doom piles, and our habit of holding onto things. We're starting small—wallets and purses. But this isn't just about tidying up; it's a deliberate act, making space for what truly matters.

So, here's your task: declutter one small thing. Document it—before and after pictures or a quick time-lapse video. Don't forget to share it with me. Tag @‌JeskaMystic; I'm excited to witness your magic unfold.

Remember, you're the kind of person who manifests abundance with every intentional action. Let's make it happen.

Sending decluttering vibes your way.



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