HEART-LED MONEY MAGNET ACTIVITY: Abundance, Prosperity, Success

Feb 19, 2024

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Ready to dive into some wild, unconventional, and downright crazy shit? Because that's exactly what's happening in this episode. I'm unleashing my wild, weird, and wacky self, and we're taking our usual money activities to a whole new level. 

Buckle up, It's time to activate the money magnet, baby!

What's on the agenda? Well, it's a quick money activity, and I'm calling it the "money magnet." Why? Because I'm making this shit up on the spot, guided by intuition. 

Picture this: arms making a big U shape, like YMCA, creating a magnetic field. Why? To loosen up that stiffness, shake off the bullshit, and realign our thoughts of abundance.

 We're flailing our arms, spinning, and shaking them off, all in the name of letting go and embracing the abundant energy of money. 

I've got two trusty crystals with me: cinnabar and malachite. 

Cinnabar, my business stone, connects us to the everlasting flow of wealth. Malachite, the heart stone, fuels creativity, passion, and aligns us with our heart-led desires.

 These crystals are our allies in this crazy journey. Malachite keeps us honest, calling out our negative patterns, while cinnabar dissolves limiting beliefs, paving the way for transformation. It's a power combo for recalibrating and reconnecting with ourselves.

 Feeling the scarcity spiral? 

It's time to sit back, grab some malachite and cinnabar, and embark on a four-week journey of self-discovery and release. Get real, get honest, and witness the magic of momentum as you align with your true self.

Get ready to manifest your rich life because, hey, YOU’RE WORTH IT!

Much love, many blessings, and stay tuned for the wild ride ahead.



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