Tapping into Your Natural Abundance through Giving and Receiving: Activity JADE Activation

abundance crystal activation money magic money mindset Jan 22, 2024

Paving the way with good intentions AND ACTING ON IT!

Ready to Create some MONEY MAGIC?

Hey, beautiful SiStar. I’m coming to you this freezing Monday from the icebox that is southern Alberta, Canada. I mean, seriously, it's a bone-chilling minus 33 degrees Celsius today, and with the wind chill, it's practically Antarctica at minus 50. Brrr! So, here I am, bundled up in my cozy sweatpants, ready to warm up our spirits and thaw out the financial freeze.

Today, it's all about tapping into abundance, shaking off that post-New Year's haze, and making some serious money magic. Do you feel me? We've survived the January blues, and now it's time to reignite that fire within.

Are you with me?

Take a moment, inhale deeply, and let it out like you're in a yoga class. Feel the tension melt away from your shoulders. Stand up, if you're feeling it, and give yourself a little shake.

Now, about today's crystal choice: Jade.

It was a tough call between Jade and Crinoline, but Jade won because it's all about tapping into abundance. Abundance, my friends, is our natural state. We're born abundant beings, but life's distractions and various frequencies sometimes knock us off course.

Let's shake off the stress and tension. Be present in this moment, in your natural state, whatever that may be. There's no need to be perfectly Zen; even I've had an intense week. Embrace your authentic self. You're naturally abundant, and that vibe, that frequency, is your energetic signature.

Action Step

Now, grab your Jade or find a picture online if you don't have one. Feel the energy—that tingle as you hold it. Breathe and align yourself with the prosperity it represents. Jade, with its green hue, connects us to the heart chakra, the center of love and healing.

Abundance isn't just about money; it's about love, joy, and all good things. Let go of attachments to physical markers of abundance. You are a cosmic creator, a human being, not just a human. Embrace the being and the frequency of abundance.

Here's your assignment for the week:

List eight people you want to bless with abundance. Let your intuition guide you. Be intentional. Note why each person deserves this blessing. By Thursday, reach out to them – text, call, DM, or visit. Spread the love, share a laugh, or send a small gift. Abundance is a blessing meant to be shared.

Much love and many blessings to you all!

Catch you on Wednesday for a deep dive into prosperity and abundance.

Stay magical!



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