Love Yourself Enough to Keep Going: LOVE BOMB Part 2

abundance confidence personal growth success Feb 14, 2024

I’m spilling the tea on LOVE BOMBING, self-love, and the art of shouting your greatness to the universe. Picture this as a rollercoaster of vibes, from love to business and everything in between.

Love bombing—it's not about dating tactics, but dropping love bombs about yourself everywhere you go. I’m talking about leading with love, especially when it comes to your damn business.

Here's the real deal: If your vibe is off, things are bound to get wonky. That struggle to talk about your hustle? It's not just nerves; it's a shortage of self-love. When there is a emotional and energetic disconnect, it becomes hard to share your offers. Success starts when you are crystal clear that alignment and overflowing self-love are non-negotiable.

In a world drowning in discounts and pricing headaches, I’m about to drop a truth bomb—it's deeper. It's a lack of self-love and self-worth causing those pricing pains.

The game plan? Follow up with your clients. Checking in isn't a bother; it's about genuinely caring for their results and healing.

Ready for the strategy?

Do an energy check, figure out what's not working, and dive deep into that self-love. Self-love is the core of growth and expansion. Break those old patterns, seek guidance, and unapologetically flaunt your skills.

It's all about celebrating wins, recognizing your skills, and embracing the whole journey.

Your self-love is your legacy.

So, the battle cry is to shamelessly shout out your dreams, stories, and visions. Your community becomes your rock, a place to nurture and grow. It's a nudge to love yourself enough to invest in those dreams, break free from the rut, and reach for that epic version of yourself just waiting on the other side.

Much love, many blessings—until the next time.


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