Planting Seeds for Success: Spring Equinox Activation I AM SERIES

Mar 19, 2024

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Welcome to the bonus drop of the spring equinox. Spring is about planting seeds, rebirth, and renewal. It's breaking through the heaviness to finally bloom and reap the fruits later in the fall. Just like a seed must break apart for a sprout to grow, we too must break open to flourish in our lives, businesses, and relationships.

This activation is about deeply rooting into who we are and where we're meant to go. Through I AM affirmations, we ground ourselves, gaining clarity and focus for our journey. It's a gift for those experiencing a season of expansion, fostering growth and success.

The spring equinox signifies rebirth and growth. We're pushing through challenges, rising from darkness, and blossoming into our potential. Crystals like green moonstone, fluorite, and pyrite aid in this transformation, fostering emotional release, clarity, and manifestation.

This activation is a guided meditation on self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance. By balancing energies and amplifying positivity, we create space for growth and success. Magnetizing abundance and positive outcomes.

Taking a few moments each day to listen to these affirmations sets intentions and aligns energies for success. It's about making small commitments to personal growth and embracing ourselves with love and compassion. By leading with love, we magnetize our own success and fulfill our purpose.

Let's embrace this activation and season together, channeling love, growth, and abundance. By tapping into our inner strength and balancing our energies, we're ready to blossom and thrive.

Together, let's bloom into our fullest potential.


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