Aligning with Purpose and Abundance (I AM) Bonus Birthday Drop

abundance mindset purpose Apr 21, 2024


Today, we go on a journey of anchoring into purpose and abundance, a practice you can revisit whenever you seek clarity and alignment.

whether it's morning, evening, or the time in between, take a moment to uplevel what I call 'busy work', and nurture your essence. Crochet, tidy your space or simply dance to the rhythm of your breath. Let this audio accompany your movements, guiding you towards decluttering and releasing.

As you listen, verbalize these affirmations. Speak them into existence, for words carry the power to shape our reality. Feel the resonance as each affirmation reverberates through your being, anchoring deeply into your essence.

This affirmation series is short for I believe in the potency of concise wisdom. Let your body sway, your pen glide across the pages of your journal as you internalize these truths. Notice which affirmations stir something within you, beckoning you to linger a little longer.

Repetition is the key. Replay this audio, and let it wash over you like a gentle stream, until its essence seeps into every fiber of your being. Let the message sink in from different angles.

After you listen, take a moment to reflect. Journal your insights, and enjoy the revelations that surfaced. Share your journey with me, for your experiences expand our collective growth.

Remember, this practice is a catalyst for transformation. Let it permeate your existence, infusing each moment with purpose and abundance. And as you venture forth, honor your desires, but also relish in the simplicity of being.

I challenge you to listen for 21 days and see what magic unfolds.

With boundless love and abundant blessings!




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