Top 3 P's for Setting Your Priorities: Profit,Productivity & Personal Growth

personal growth priorities productivity profit Jan 10, 2024


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Are you ready for the three magic P's?

It's all about Profit, Productivity, and Personal Growth. Now, don't stress if you can't hit all three every single day. It's more about feeling the vibes of the day and letting that guide your focus.

Why are these P's important? Well, they're your ticket to supercharged productivity and success in every possible way. By aligning your tasks with these three categories, you're not just getting things done; you're leveling up your profits, boosting your productivity, and growing personally.

First, we must dive into an energetic assessment.

Where do you feel heavy, limited, or stuck? It's a weekly check-in. We're ditching the "make it work" energy and shifting to "make sh*t happen" mode in 2024.

Think about your future self—the boss version of you who's living the dream. What would she prioritize in terms of profit, productivity, and personal growth? If your current priorities don't align, it's time to shake things up. You can't expect different results if you're stuck in the same patterns.

Remember, what got you here won't get you there. We need to be aware of our actions and take micro-steps toward those big dreams. Be honest with yourself about your past habits, but don't be ashamed to reevaluate them. It's all about being aware so you can make the most of that magnificent brain of yours.

I know about getting all jacked up for new things. We're creators, and we get excited about projects. But here's the deal we must stay focused and grow, or we get bored. Even with things we love. I've been there, whether it's tattooing or going on Michael's Craft Store sprees. We need to manage our energy, address old habits, and find where we fall off that productivity train.

Why do we lose steam?

Is it the climb up the mountain, biting off more than we can chew, or just making excuses? Check your initial motivation and ask if you're truly making progress. We're not after perfection; we're after progress.

Remember, you must focus on the three categories to reach your dreams, Profit, Productivity, and Personal Growth. Ask yourself if your investments, whether time, energy, or money, create opportunities for more money. Future casting is key, sell into the future, secure that money upfront.

Productivity. Are you spending more time learning than doing? Consider body doubling, well ask yourself do you really need to be doing everything? Outsource what doesn't light you up. Efficiency is the game. How can you lessen the trial and error phase?

Everything you do should align with your current strategy and intentions. If it doesn't serve your focus right now, put it on the back burner. Time is your currency, so be intentional, strategize, and unlock that CEO status. It's not about surviving but thriving, especially if you're a business mama.

Let's make time to make money and rock that millionaire CEO status!


TIME HACKING MASTERCLASS - WHY WE NEED TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR TIME AND SCHEDULE TO UNLOCK THAT CEO STATUS - not just accept “this is what it means to work for myself, do it all myself, JUST BECAUSE WE ARE MOTHERS TO OUR BUSINESS OR BABIES DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO BE A HOT MESS! We can still choose to devote ourselves to operate in our best energy and show up with stability and consistency!






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