Unlocking Your Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras to Boost Your Business!

abundance confidence creativity make money Jan 31, 2024



Today, we're tapping into your solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for confidence, self-esteem, and control in your life. It's the epicenter of the chaos we create, and we need to address it to manifest more money and live authentically.

Gut check! 

When was the last time you had a good gut check before taking action? Someone recently mentioned a gut check to me, and it resonated. We're tapping into the tum-tum to navigate through the muddy waters we call life and business.

The solar plexus chakra is a powerhouse of creativity but is also linked to confidence and self-esteem. When blocked, it leads to fear, anxiety, and a loss of control. It's one of the core money chakras, and we're starting the journey here.

Let's navigate through the chaos, let's address the after-Christmas bank account blues and the illusion of a "slow season." Instead of fixating on external factors, let's focus on internal evidence. When you gain clarity, your focus changes, and it's not about meeting unrealistic expectations. We operate under self-imposed pressure.

Following the Energy of the Moon

The recent full moon energy stirred up a lot of unresolved feelings and a sense of loss of control for a lot of people. Remember, everything is happening in divine timing. You are in control, capable of change, decision-making, and creating the life you desire.

This includes the desire for Money!

Money is energy, and the obsession with bank account numbers often leads to feelings of worthlessness. Shift your focus to the evidence bank, you know those magical things you have already accomplished. I’m spilling the tea on a recent experience I’ve had of fixating on the same balance in my bank account for months, overlooking the tremendous growth and positive changes. Once I made those shift I was able to see the right energy to fixate on.

Slow Season.. 

Let’s debunk the myth of a "slow season.". There is a big difference between seasons in terms of gain and growth. We can’t always be in a growth season. Debt is not the enemy; it buys us time. Instead of feeling out of control, focus on what truly matters and aligns with your energy.

It's time for a gut check on your insecurities. The fear of recession and external pressures shouldn't dictate your worth. Embrace the current moment and recognize the progress you've made.

But we can still slip back into our old patterns.

Recently, I have been struggling with body dysmorphia, and it has become clear that the deeper work is being neglected out of fear. Admitting weakness and addressing inner shame are essential steps toward healing. Break the cycle of toxic productivity and embrace vulnerability.

Where are you right now—in spirit, mind, body, life, business, relationships, family? Embrace the discomfort, admit your struggles, and reach out for support. It's time to acknowledge the healing journey and own up to it. By leading yourself through challenges, you embody authority and leadership.

Want to GROW?

Celebrate your accomplishments, build that evidence bank, and focus on internal growth. Distractions and urges to improve are often ways of avoiding uncomfortable truths. Address the chaos within, navigate through the muddy waters, and reclaim your confidence.

This is not about faking it till you make it; it's about being real and grounded. Own your humanity, acknowledge the healing journey, and start filling yourself back up. You have the power to change your world by anchoring into who you are and embracing your journey. 

Celebrate your magic, my mystic SiSTARS!

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