Unlocking Abundance: Exploring Foundational Stories and Core Beliefs That Shape Behaviors

abundance behaviors boundaries childhood mindset Jan 05, 2024
Jeska crossing arms, break free from old patterns and others' energies abundance unlocked mindful magic

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Have you ever felt like you were just stuck and, despite your best efforts like lighting candles and embracing meditation, just couldn’t shake the feeling? Join me on a personal journey of self-discovery, revealing insights on breaking free from old patterns and creating a life of mindful magic and abundance.

It starts with our core values and how we were raised.

Let’s go deeper into our stories and start to better understand ourselves, exploring triggers, responses, and the essence of our being. Break through the surface to comprehend why we operate as we do; examine the origins of behaviors and belief systems.

During a transformative business trip, I stepped back from my business, granting the universe space for self-reflection. Pay attention to the universe's signals, enabling a deep dive to deconstruct limiting beliefs and make strides in life and business.

Explore the concept of working with crystals, focusing on epidote, a natural magic crystal that releases old energies. From my crystal obsession, I learned how epidote helped shed energies not truly mine. The question is whether carried energy is genuinely yours.

Delve into the impact of upbringing on mindset, using my military family background. Unveil survival habits, constant vigilance, and the fear of being seen. Assess how your stories and upbringing influence your beliefs, work ethic, and relationships.

Engage in self-assessment and mindfulness. Ask, "Is this energy truly mine?" By understanding the origins of emotional responses, we shed old energies and create healthier patterns.

Power lies in intentional reflection. Consider practices like morning brain dumps and weekly check-ins for self-accountability. The transformative mindset journey involves burning down old stories and energies, paving the way for a life of mindful magic and abundance.




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