Tapping into Your Solar Plexus for Confidence in Self-Expression with Bumblebee Jasper

crystal activation mindset personal growth solar plexus Feb 05, 2024

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Hey there, lovely SiSTARS!  I'm bursting with excitement to share an unexpected inspiration—a tiny winky smiley face on a clothing tag from my son's shirt. This little tag, with its infectious joy, sparked a divine sign from the universe that my solar plexus chakra needed attention.

Bumblebee Jasper

Join me on this activation as we dive into the vibrant energy of bumblebee jasper, a beautiful yellow and black stone, echoing the colors of this cheerful tag. My son, the embodiment of pure happiness, carries this tag around, unknowingly sharing his infectious positivity. As I connect with this stone, I can't help but think of the era we're in the era of self-expression.

We're getting real, embracing our authenticity, and following the pull deep within our bellies. The solar plexus, often neglected in the chaos of life, is our powerhouse for confidence and self-expression. As we activate it with the bumblebee jasper, we're releasing the tension, breathing in that joyous energy, and shaking off the stress that life tends to throw our way.

With Floki, my trusty four-legged furry sidekick, providing an unexpected breathwork soundtrack, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. Bumblebee jasper, though with a sting of arsenic and sulfur, mirrors our shadow selves and is potent and transformative. It's a stone of manifestation, empowerment, and courage.

As we dive into the activation, breathing deeply into our bellies, we break free from fear and hesitation. Bumblebee Jasper becomes our guiding light, propelling us forward with a cheeky, winky face and reassuring us that we've got this! This stone inspires not only self-discovery but also community and mindful service, making our happiness a force that elevates the world.

Mantras to anchor into this solar plexus activation:

I create my own happiness.

I am determined and capable of creating the life I desire beyond measure.

I create endless opportunities with each action I take.

I am seen and supported by the universe as I share my divine gifts with the world.

I want you to repeat this breath deep into your belly. Allowing it to expand, take up space, and be seen.

Your key takeaways:

Rediscover yourself; you don't need reinvention. I'm buzzing with anticipation to see you embrace your true nature, creativity, and divine calling.

Much love and many blessings, and if you're into these activations, don't forget to share your experiences.

I can't wait to see you rise and shine, Soul SiSTAR?

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