Fun-Fueled Abundance: Leaving Room to Explore Life's Rich Meanings

abundance mindset success Jan 17, 2024

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Once upon a time, we focused on fun. We'd spend hours talking about life, dreams, and business, throwing in a bit of mindful magic and cash wisdom. However, somewhere along the way, we've slammed the door on the fun factor. This lack of enjoyment is taking a toll on our money-making mojo, hindering our capacity to craft memories and cash in on the vibrant tapestry of creativity and chaos.

But today, my SiStars, we're burning down those old belief systems.

Say goodbye to the struggle of making things work. No more forcing square pegs into round holes. It's like trying to shove a stick into bike spokes and end up flat on your face, wondering why life's so damn hard.

Life's a juggling act: appointments, clients, workouts, and kids' activities. If you're a soccer mom, dance mom, or hockey mom, you know the drill. Places to be, shit to do, people to see. We're all multitaskers, thinking doing more means getting ahead. Spoiler: it makes us spiral.

And here's the thing about finding time for yourself: it's a magical moment. But do you glitch out? The mental list scrolls: nap, chill on the couch, stuff your face take a moment to slow down. You're torn between relaxing and being productive, stuck in analysis paralysis, anxiety ticking away.

Stress is Cancerous

Stress, my friends, is a dangerous beast. I've danced with it, and it gave me cancer. Yep, stress handed me a backstage pass to the hospital. Military upbringing, tattoo world, performance, productivity, worthā€”old stories that mess with your head.

But I've learned to make the most of time without the supernova effect. It's a fine line between pushing through and pushing yourself off the edge. Think of your goals as a money-making roadmap, not deadlines. You're a multi-passionate mind; enjoy the small wonders on the way.

And don't buy into the village myth. It's a solo journey for many of us. Business is our baby, and it needs support. Enter The Sorority Mystic Sistersā€”a community for celebration, connection, and support. Because, let's face it, entrepreneurship can be lonely. We put on brave faces, but behind the scenes, we're all a bit of a mess.

So, SiStars, let's not take ourselves too seriously. Play, have fun, and build a community. Let's redefine success, celebrate the journey, and find joy in the chaos. It's time to kick stress to the curb and make room for magic and mindful living. And hey, if you're feeling lost, join the free Time Hacking Class. It's a game-changer, and it's free this month.

Time to stop that ticking time bomb and live your best chaotic, creative life.

Cheers to that!



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