Debunking Debt + What Money MEANS to You: Love your Money PART 2

Feb 28, 2024

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Something is in the air right now. Can you feel it? The rising anxiety, the tension behind your eyes, the constant migraine-like edge creeping in.

You log into your bank account, spin your wheels, trying to figure out where to cut costs. The shame hits, self-loathing creeps in. You overanalyze Amazon orders, money spent on the business, feeling like it's become an expensive hobby.

It's not just you.

Clients go through the same. The money invested, credit cards maxed out, the once-power move now feels like an endless pit. You're praying not to mess up, not to lose your dignity chasing a dream and accumulating debt. This intense energy, this dream-killing energy, needs unpacking.

It's time to face it, recalibrate, and correct the chaotic self-hatred.

The shame of debt overwhelms you. You're stuck in a cycle of overthinking, analyzing, and pretending everything's okay. It's time to release the shame and stigma around debt, and tap into a frequency that makes dollars flow, and grow. Let's unpack, recalibrate, and turn up the frequency.

Money and debt.

The anxiety, shame, and guilt around money, either not having enough or having more than you feel worthy of. The shame train rolls in, self-loathing creeps in. You overanalyze spending, feeling like a burden, fearing judgment for pursuing dreams. The shame for not fitting into societal norms, for wanting more than motherhood, for not working a 9-to-5.

And then there's debt. The approval feels good initially, a sign that someone believes in your dream and offers you a loan to reach for your dreams. You celebrate, invest in yourself, but then see the amount owing, and panic sets in. Debt becomes a dirty secret, a burden, a source of shame. But what if we personify debt? Debt is a tool, buying you time, a favor, a way of abundance.

Celebrate debt, acknowledge its purpose. Money flows, in and out. Focus on where you put your intention. If you're actively participating in money-making actions, you'll make money.

Date your money, date your debt.

Decriminalize your debt, heal money relationships, and manage your money mindset. Stop the energy leaks, stop stabbing yourself in the heart with limiting beliefs. It gets to feel good to spend money, knowing where it's going, fueling your soul, and feeding the dream. Where you place your energy is where you place your power.

Stop the leaks, stop wasting your money, and start investing in yourself.



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