Mindset Reset: Unlocking Clarity + Mapping Your Path

clarity goal getter mindset success Dec 29, 2023
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Hey Sistars! It's your crazy, wacky, wild, and wonderful host, Jeska Mystic, here.

Can you believe it's that time of the year again? Instead of diving into the usual New Year's resolutions, let's shake things up a bit. I want to talk about something that truly lights up your soul:

Your Wish List!

So, grab a cup of your favorite drink, find a cozy spot, and let's make a fucking wishlist for the upcoming year. 2024, baby! And guess what? According to numerology, it's an eight, a freaking number of abundance. If that doesn't scream "your year," I don't know what does. Whether you smashed your goals last year or not, get ready to surpass or double them this year. Let's dream big and lean into the realm of possibility.

"Choose growth over fear. That's the key right there."

But before we jump into the wild world of wishes and dreams, we need to set the stage. It's time for a mindset reset, and trust me, it's more than your average vision board. We're talking about anchoring into the energy of gratitude. And yes, I know, everyone talks about it, but do we really do it?

Here's your first task:

Sit down today, grab a pen (preferably a colored one, because why not make it enjoyable?) and list out 100 things you are grateful for. Health, hearing, home—you name it. This isn't your standard gratitude exercise; it's a game-changer.

Why? Because when you align with the energy of gratitude, you open yourself up to joy, abundance, and a path of fulfillment. Take a moment to consider each item on your list. Reflect on it. Feel it in your body—that tingling sensation, the happiness that explodes, the smile that tightens your cheeks. This is the energy that signals to the universe what more you are attracting into your life.

Now, let's dive a bit deeper.

What are your fears? I know, it's a tough one. But sit with it, feel it, and acknowledge it. Because growth happens when you choose it over fear.

Ready for a little magic? I've got a checklist for you: M.A.G.I.C. Morning rituals, affirmations, get outside, implementation, and connection. These steps will guide you through daily magic and set the tone for the transformative year ahead.

So, Sistars, are you ready for the big bang? Let's make 2024 our year, full of joy, abundance, and the magic we create for ourselves. I can't wait to see your gratitude lists and hear about your fears. Post them, tag me, and let's start this journey together! Much love and many blessings.


"The real magic happens when we anchor into our true purpose and mission."


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