Hey Si-STAR!

Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner with brightly coloured hair. But in reality, I am so much more than that - And so are you!!!

Often as women, we are told to choose between our family or our career... But I'm here to tell you that's not necessary!

When I chose to leave Tattooing after 10+ years to focus on permanent makeup (PMU) and Paramedical Tattooing - I found it VERY difficult to find good, PROFESSIONAL quality training. And with the competitive nature of others I cam across in the industry, many were guarded and no one was willing to help me either! There was NO community - only 'competitors' who held back in sharing their knowledge fully.

I was used to this as it was common in the Tattoo industry as many insecure artists would be full of resentment and fear of 'losing clients'... 

This led me feeling alone and nervous to approach well established PMU artists, in fear they would be critical and cold towards a new-comer in the beauty industry. So, I spent countless hours scouring the internet trying to find trainings that weren’t just a brow pattern thrown at you with a product recommendation - and eventually found my way through making numerous connections through various training programs, workshops and online courses. Truthfully, this made it harder for me to get my foot in the door or find my way in a new industry at first, but I did it anyway.

Though years of taking course after course, coupled with my previous experience in tattooing, I began to expand my business and connected with other like-minded artists and female beautypreneurs who also wanted to LIFT one another up. In fostering these connections, I learned more and more about how to network and scale my business. After 2 years making a name for myself in the PMU world and working professionally, joined the American Academy of Micropigmentation. I then outgrew locations and underwent a rebrand in 2022, launching a variety of in-person & online trainings, and opened MysticGal Ink PMU & Tattoo School in Medicine Hat, Alberta!!!

Anything is possible when you put your soul into it! Learning a skill is just the start, developing good practices of mindset & strategy is were the MAGIC happens ✨

I whole heartedly believe in LEARNING, for GROWTH, and for collaborations with other women supporting women! If you want to get into the PMU world, or expand your skillset, there is need do it alone - it's much more fun when we step out of our bubbles and choose to make magic together!

Unsure which option is best suited for you? Not to worry - I would LOVE to discuss your needs and determine how to help you achieve your goals and build your business!

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